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About Us

Tejasvi Kids Early Education Center aims to achieve and sustain exemplary standards both in formal education and personality building by providing quality education through the right blend of facility, faculty and training curriculum for the all-round development of a child.

In times when competition lay afloat, it is important that the students set out building upon their strengths, select the right environment and make the right move. Keeping this as the core, Tejasvi Kids Early Education Center represents the right combination of elements to mould and model students for excellence.

 Abhishek Tiwari

 School Principal

Our Facilities

We offer an additional discount if 3 of your kids study with us!

Hi-Tech Classrooms

Our Classrooms are equipped with modern amenities like smart boards, comfortable seating, and adequate lighting, fostering an ideal learning environment conducive to student engagement, interaction, and academic success.


The school provides reliable transportation services for students, ensuring safe and efficient travel to and from campus, fostering convenience and accessibility for all attendees.


The school offers sports facilities, including well-maintained fields, courts, and equipment, encouraging physical activity, teamwork, and healthy competition among students, enhancing their overall well-being and development.

We will take care of your children

Kids study in a comfortable home environment without the worry of catching. Parents save time and money on traveling to offline schools and tutors

Our School Has

Everything you need to
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Small Class Size

Our class sizes are small so that we can
give equal attention to all the children.

Special Care

We make every child feel special so that
they are motivated to give their best.

Safety First

For us, child safety is more important than anything else. So we provide safe and better environment for children to study

Meet Our Teachers

Parents can also join with children to learn new skills from our teachers

What Kids Parents Say About Us

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow

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