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About Our School

Tejasvi Kids Early Education Center aims to achieve and sustain exemplary standards both in formal education and personality building by providing quality education through the right blend of facility, faculty and training curriculum for the all-round development of a child.

In times when competition lay afloat, it is important that the students set out building upon their strengths, select the right environment and make the right move. Keeping this as the core, Tejasvi Kids Early Education Center represents the right combination of elements to mould and model students for excellence.

Abhishek Tiwari

School Principal

Why Choose TKC

At our School, our focus is a lot more than just classroom academia. We encourage our learners towards an all-round holistic development that includes a global curriculum and nurturing environment. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, ample amenities and focus on quality education, we make sure our students are equipped with all the correct tools to ‘Be the Best.’


The classroom is an important place where students and teachers learn and grow together. It is a place where collaboration occurs as well as idea-sharing and relationship-building. Instructors are one of the most influential figures in the classroom, with the ability to enhance the learning environment and influence the behaviors of all present.

Extra Curricular Activities

Along with studies, sports are also very important for the physical development of children. We understand its importance. Therefore, extra activities like sports, gardening, cultural programs are always organized in our school.

Good Values for Child

Today, the biggest concern of the parents is about inculcating good habits and good values in the children. We teach children good habits and good values along with education and sports.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Tejasvi Kids Care's dedicated and talented faculty are at the center of the educational experience. Our faculty know their content deeply and draw from the professional knowledge base to develop high-quality instruction, resulting in excellent learning outcomes. Teachers employ a range of tools and strategies to gather data, plan meaningful learning experiences, enhance clarity, and check for understanding. They make thinking and learning visible, so every student is challenged to stretch toward her potential. Rather than just covering content, research-based lessons focus on developing transferable skills and concepts to build enduring understanding.

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