How To Motivate Your Child To Complete Their Homework

10 Tips to Motivate Kids to Complete Homework

It is not surprising to find that homework can be very tedious and demotivating for children and teenagers. It is quite natural for them to resist assignments, but many parents feel guilty because it reflects poorly on their parenting style. They might feel like adults and should not be doing homework like kids.

Before you scold your child for their poor performance, you must ask yourself if your homework strategies are working or not? Maybe it is time to change things up a bit! Here are some valuable tips that will help you motivate your child to complete their homework.

10 tips to motivate kids to complete homework

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1) Remember homework for kids is not the same as chores

Many parents tend to treat homework as a chore, so they can’t understand why their kids do not want to complete it. Remember, these days, homework is incorporated into your child’s school curriculum, and it is done at home rather than in school. So, homework for kids should be treated as another learning opportunity for them and this will make homework time less of a chore and more like playtime.

2) Avoid setting deadlines that are too tight

If you set very tight homework schedules, you run the risk of your child rushing through or giving up altogether. The best thing to do is to give them longer but consistent periods each evening to allow them enough time to complete their work without feeling stressed out about its completion. This will make completing homework for kids a fun task rather than just some chore they are burdened with.

3) Motivate without being pushy

Instead of nagging homework for kids, give them a reason to do it. For example, homework teaches them essential life skills such as time management and organisation. It also will help their concentration and memory. At the same time, it is an opportunity to teach your child about the different subjects they’re studying at school and how they can relate to real-world experiences.

4) Ask what you can do to help

If the homework for kids feels like a struggle, then one thing that may help is having you sit down with them while they work through things or do some homework together. A good way of doing this would be getting involved in math homework problems or reading books together on science homework topics, both of which are great ways to spend time with your kids doing homework together.

5) Let them take breaks

Many parents will feel the need to hound their child every five minutes about homework problems they are trying to work out or books they are studying but this can often lead to tension, resentment, and stress which is not suitable for any of you. If the homework for kids needs to be done, then coming up with a reasonable timetable that both of you are happy with is the best way forward. Perhaps letting your child have some free time in between answering questions on math homework or reading chapters in science homework will help relieve pressure. So homework doesn’t become too much like hard work.

6) Do homework together

If the homework for kids is becoming too much of an issue, make it a shared project you do with your child. Work side by side on one homework question or read chapters in homework together. You can talk about what they are learning simultaneously, which could help encourage your child to be interested in homework. Your support will motivate your child to complete their homework and will make the whole process easier for them.

7) Reward for homework done

Set a reward system whereby your child gets a treat each time they finish a certain amount of homework, motivating them to work harder and finish everything more quickly. This might be going out for dinner one night after studying math homework problems for two hours or going straight to bed without having some screen time if all their spelling homework has been completed. If you add up the cost of each “reward” and do homework a bonus time, they don’t want to miss out on it.

8) Help them if they are struggling

When you see your child struggling with their homework, take an interest in what they are trying to do and help them through the problems. It is important that homework needs to be completed independently; however, if your child finds a particular topic difficult, there’s nothing wrong with offering some guidance and correcting any mistakes so long as they understand how to solve the problem for themselves next time. Sometimes the homework for kids can be hectic for them, and your little guidance will help them.

9) Praise your children when homework is done

The homework can be completed successfully in time, rewarding your child. It will take the stress off them and they will know that you are proud of their hard work. You can celebrate homework with a quiet evening activity or a fun family day out. Celebrate homework together as a team!


Homework for kids is essential for their development at school. The homework can contribute to children’s knowledge, creativity, and good attitude towards learning. If homework is done correctly it will delight the teachers and parents.

The homework for kids helps them not only in getting good grades but also in becoming better organised! You should choose homework methods best suited for your child so they don’t feel stressed or frustrated by homework assignments. Spend some time with your kids while doing homework together because this will increase their motivation to complete homework on its own after you have guided them through the first couple of times.

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